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Henry M. Silvert


This is a heartfelt memoir by the eldest son of a remarkable family. A near fatal accident at the age of 7 required Henry Silvert to literally restart his physical, emotional, and intellectual development. His extraordinary trajectory is captured beautifully in vignettes from his life as well as by insightful sociological assessments of politics and culture in both the United States and Latin America.


Dr, Martin Weinstein

Emeritus Professor of Political Science, William Paterson University of New Jersey

Henry Silvert in An Indelible Event and Detour Through a Global Childhood: A Memoir provides a picture of a remarkable journey through life. He demonstrates how it is possible to overcome potentially crippling injury to generate a lifetime of mind-expanding productive experience. The work is filled with warm images of family, friends across several continents, while at the same time demonstrating the author's capacity to expand his intellectual understanding and maintain a spirit of political activism. One comes away from reading it with an admiration for the efforts that Silvert made to mitigate the consequences of an early accident and become a contributor to humanitarian concerns. 


Dr. Joel Jutkowitz


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