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About Me

Henry M. Silvert, Ph.D., was born in Philadelphia in 1948, did his undergraduate (1967-1971) and doctoral studies (1976-1985) at New York University, and read for a Bachelor of Philosophy degree In Latin American area studies at the University of Oxford (1971-1974). He spent his childhood years in New Orleans, Guatemala City, Mexico City, Santiago, and Buenos Aires, and lived in Hanover, New Hampshire, and Norwich, Vermont while he was a teenager. As a survey associate and statistician, Dr. Silvert worked at The Conference Board, where he co-authored several reports regarding business matters, for 23 years. He has also worked on projects addressing, among other topics, childhood hunger, drug use, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic and gave presentations at conferences on Chile’s return to democratic practices. Dr. Silvert has been a visiting professor at The Colegio de Mexico, where he taught comparative politics of Latin America, and an adjunct professor of sociology at various colleges and universities in New York City.

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1976 - 1984

New York University

Ph.D., Sociology


1971 - 1974

University of Oxford

Read for a B. Phil. in Latin American Studies


1967 - 1971

New York University

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Spanish

Business Research

  • Corporate views of employee workplace readiness

  • Corporate policies on leadership development and change management

  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  •  Mid-Market CEO Challenges: What keeps them up at night?

  • HIV/AIDS in the workplace

  • Lower East Side HIV/AIDS project

Academic Research

  • Risk factors of HIV/AIDS infection in the Caribbean

  • Maternal literacy, low-weight births and infant mortality in the Caribbean

  • Childhood hunger

  • The social impact of energy consumption

  • Conjunctural theory: the significance of stock market shocks

  • Latin American politics and society

  • Prevalence of drug-usage in Bolivia

  • Re-emergence of democracy in Chile

  • Political development in Chile

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